Accessing the Irish Times online – Current and archive content

You can access current and archive articles from The Irish Times going back to its first issue in 1859. Archive access from 1859 to approximately a year ago is available through Proquest‘s Irish Times Digital Archive. The database contains scanned PDF images for all available issues, both for individual articles and the entire page from which an article is extracted. Article images feature accompanying material such as photographs. Page images exhibit entire content such as text, photos, graphics and advertising. Each August, Proquest bring the archive up to the end of the previous year. That means that before the update, there can be a gap in access of up to 19 months. You can fill this gap through The Irish Times website.

You can access the Irish Times Digital Archive through the ‘E-journals’ tab on the Business Subject Page. We have a short ‘Easy guide’ demonstration on how to perform an Advanced Search of the archive which you’ll find on our Online Tutorials page.

For Business Blog guides to other materials, see our post on ‘Overviews of business information resources‘.

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